Our Experience in Cultural Programs

Repertoire and Transmission (1/3)

This program allowed participants to discover: (1) Laban kinetography (a movement notation technique) and (2) the « flexible barre » technique according to the method of Wilfride Piollet (former Étoile of the Paris Opera).

The « Repertoire and Transmission » program included several workshops on Laban notation (with Noëlle Simonet of the CNSMDP, among others), but also several conferences/meetings with Jean Guizerix and Camille Desmarest, a choreographic workshop on fan dance by Andy DeGroat, an exhibition on the careers of Wilfride Piollet and Jean Guizerix, a film screening, and several conferences.

The results of these training events were presented in the form of a series of open-air public performances of the fan dance of the American choreographer Andy DeGroat, with the kind permission and support of our usual partners, as well as students from the Danse & Cie school and the CCINP Andy DeGroat.

Repertoire and Transmission (2/3)

Also within the program Repertoire and Transmission, Ballet Cadagiani also presented the exhibition « Archives en mouvement » (Archives in Motion). The exhibition was conceived by Camille Desmarest.

The exhibition was hosted by the Maison de la Région in Nîmes, presenting photographs from the archives of Wilfried Piollet and Jean Guizerix, compiled by Camille Desmarest with the support of the Centre national de la danse (CND), hanging by Noël Cadagiani and Jean-Marie Sonet.

The exhibition offered a photographic review of thirty years of dance history through the careers of these artists, both Étoiles dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet Company. The vernissage of the exhibition took place in the presence of Jean Guizerix, who also signed his books.

Repertoire and Transmission (3/3)

Screening of Chemins croisés de danse, a film by Marie-Elise Beyne & Micheline Lelièvre, followed by a lecture by Jean Guizerix at the Auditorium of the Carré d’Art, Place de la Maison Carrée in Nîmes.

This film (shown as part of the program Repertoire and Transmission of the Compagnie Noël Cadagiani) traces the extraordinary artistic careers of Wilfride Piollet and Jean Guizerix, both Étoiles dancers at the Paris Opera.

The film tells a piece of dance history. We learn how the Paris Opera Ballet opened up to contemporary dance, in particular with a creation by Merce Cunningham. Above all, the film shows the importance of human encounters with choreographers, poets, circus people, etc., and how they helped to build these two exceptional artists Wilfride Piollet and Jean Guizerix.

Photo © Alain Bordas.

Workshops for the Visually Impaired

The training initiative was carried out in conjunction with FAAF (Fédération des aveugles et ambidioptres de France). These workshops, based in particular on Laban notation, were designed to allow participants to develop a new and expanded notion of space and its movements (workshops from 2016 to 2018).

Workshops for Prisoners

The initiative concerned the inmates of the prison of Nîmes in collaboration with the French Red Cross. The workshops were based in particular on the method of Flexible Bars by Wilfride Piollet, since 2018 (out of service since March 2020 and throughout the period of the health emergency). 

Introduction to the History of Dance

For children in secondary schools, in particular the Collège de la Révolution, Nîmes, in 2018 and 2019.